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Coma Alliance, Diary Of Dreams And Diorama On Tour Together

Coma Alliance, Diary Of Dreams And Diorama On Tour Together
August 29, 2016

Often requested and now finally: a joint Tour of the Dark Wave icons, DIARY OF DREAMS and DIORAMA. The Bands combines, in fact, a lot of things. Common concerts, common Festivals, and the one or other guest appearance at the concert the other Band, DIARY OF DREAMS and DIORAMA combines not only the Similarity of the music. This is the artists take up now for the event in 2016 to play three exclusive concerts under the Motto “Coma Alliance“. These take place in Krefeld, Dresden, and Heidelberg:

16.09.2016 Krefeld – Kulturfabrik
17.09.2016 Dresden – Reithalle
18.09.2016 Heidelberg, halle02

But not only is the year-long friendship and the common questions of the Fans of the two Bands together on tours, both in the home DIARY OD DREAMS as well as DIORAMA new publications, which must, of course, live celebrated.

Diary Of Dreams – reLive (Cover Artwork)

DIARY OF DREAMS will publish with “reLive“ the 16.09.2016 a Live Album that contains one of three concerts of the “grey light“-Tour 2015 in Berlin, Leipzig and Hamburg. It is energetic and magical Live are promised moments, what you believe, simply because of the varied Tracklist really like:

CD 1:
1 Black
2 Sinferno
3 Malum
4 man enemy
5 Psycho-Logic
6 Sick
7 Butterfly:Dance!
8 poison room
9 Soul Stripper
10 Ikarus
11 Guilty!


1 Choir Hotel
2 Mythology of Violence
3 the Colors of Grey
4 Dogs of war
5 grey in the light
6 a dark embrace
7 Endless nights
8 Undividable
9 the Plague
10 King of Nowhere
11 kindrom

With just under 2 hours of play, you must be on the usual bleak mixture of Wave, synth Rock and Electro excited.

Diorama – Zero Soldier Army (Cover Artwork)

Also DIORAMA to have something New in store. With “Zero Soldier Army“ is a new Album by the Reutlingen-based Band DIORAMA is intended to show in their usual strength. This means nothing more than danceable Future Pop Hits, somber Dark Wave Songs as well as soulful ballads, and a hint of Progressive Rock. Lyrically, the Songs are influenced by events from the current world, singer Torben Wendt:

"The Songs are in a time of global crises will created intricate and the simultaneous emergence of increasingly fanatical nationalisms, and other delusions. The bewilderment in the face of the fiasco to which we are heading, slowly but surely, we wanted to put in a term that embodies both vulnerability and readiness to fight – the ZERO SOLDIER ARMY.“

A first Video for the Song “zsa“ is already online and shows the DIORAMA in its best form in sound and image.

With so much Output, it may be, therefore, on the exclusive Tour of DIARY OF DREAMS and DIORAMA curious. Friends high-quality Wave - and Electro-music should not hesitate too long with the purchase of a card. Such a unique spectacle also we can't miss this and will report from the concert in Dresden.

Diary Of Dreams & Diorama – Coma Alliance Tour