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Comeback Album "The Black" Comes Out In August

June 07, 2016

The 2013 reactivated Swedish Melodic Death Metal Band ABLAZE MY SORROW finally makes nails with heads, and has announced the release of their comeback album “Black” is the first Album since “Anger, Hate And Fury” of 2002, and will appear on 05.08.2016 via Apostasy Records. Fitting to the album title, Niclas Malmström has created a dark Artwork. The disc was produced by Christian Svedin (THE UNGUIDED, FAITHFUL DARKNESS in the Studio Haga, and includes these eleven Tracks:

“The Black” Track Listing:

01. Black
02. One Last Sting
03. Tvåenighet
04. When All Is...
05. Send The Ninth Plague
06. To Reclaim What Is Ours (instr.)
07. Insomnia
08. Blood Heritage
09. Razorblade Revolution
10. The Storm
11. My Blessing

ABLAZE MY SORROW was founded in 1993 in the Swedish city of Falkenberg and debut after three Demos in 1996 with the Album “If Emotions Still Burn”. After two more albums (“The Plague”, in 1998, and “Anger, Hate And Fury” of 2002), dissolved the Band in 2006 to reform in 2009 for a short time. Since 2013, the Band is in the, since 1999 unchanged Line-Up at the Start again.