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Counts The Hours Up To The Hell

July 14, 2016

Party.San Logo 2016

11. August opens finally back to the airfield Obermehler its doors, and the runway may be charged. For the twentieth anniversary, thousands of Death, Black and Thrash Metal Fans will come up to the Thuringian vent home and for three days, the harsh sounds indulge. But not only that, because of all the unique family atmosphere on your Party.San enjoy. And all the weather-plagued and worried the Festival was covered by unexploded ordnance since the move of the festival from Bad Berka to Schlotheim in 2011, there are hardly any problems with water and mud. This decision has proven to be definitely full. Is in the this year's “summer”, unfortunately, is not so important.

Let's go already at the 10.08. with an equally hearty as legendary Metal Disco. In the following three days, then 50 Bands will play the two stages. No Overlap, no Stress, no frills, everything is easy. And the Billing for the anniversary can absolutely see. For one, some of hard to the honour of weights, such as CARCASS, OBITUARY, AT THE GATES, SODOM, GRAVE, TAAKE, EXODUS and PARADISE LOST. of course, again In addition, you will also see the up and coming bands such as GRUESOME, MGLA, BÖLZER, or GRAVEYARD and, of course, an interesting Newcomer, for example, the CPI, WEAK ASIDE, or VIDARGÄNGR. Simply said: There is something for every harsh taste.

Tickets are € 76,50 at cudgel.

For more information on the Homepage of the Thuringian cult festivals.

Billing: Party.San 2016

Angel corpse + Arcturus + Asomvel + At The Gates + Bölzer + body farm + Bombs Of Hades + Carcass + Cryptic Brood + Decembre Noir + Deströyer 666 + Drowned + Dying Fetus + Ered + Equilibrium + Exodus + Goatwhore + Grave + Graveyard + Gruesome + II + Immolation + Implore + Iron Reagan + Isvind + Katalepsy + CPI + Memoriam + Mgla + Mörk Gryning + Mor Dagor +Mosaic + Necros Christos + Nifelheim + Obituary + Obscura + Paradise Lost + Purgatory + Rebaelliun + Rectal Smegma + Sodom + Spasm + Suicidal Angels + Sulphur Aeon + Svarttjern + Taake + Tribulation + Vidargängr + Weak Aside + Wolf Brigade

You see, the Party.Sanen, Under A Bloodred Sky..!