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Cover And Tracklist For The New Album

January 27, 2016

MANTAR, the Bremen-based noise musicians, bring on 15. April of 2016 is finally her second Album. Appear Blast “Ode To The Flame” about Nuclear. The now published Cover the Band:

“We actually had thought of that, no Cover. We had the idea to boycott this forced a cover, you want to attract with the supposed art of attention, liked. The theme of the album is so one-dimensional and obvious, that we decided to create an Artwork to leave out and just use the title and make it like a old book look. As a kind of Manifesto, a challenge. We don't want people to speculate about a meaning. The meaning is clear: kill, destroy and fuck shit up. Stress in its purest form.”

The title is noted:

"The title "Ode To The Flame" was chosen in the Tradition of the debut "Death By Burning" and retains the purifying power of fire as a theme. Fire can all be set to Zero, and this planet will extinguish at some point, and of any disease-free. Furthermore, it is not obviously an Ode to the passion and iron will, "Ode To The Flame" is dramatic, it is dramatic. In every respect.”

And the Tracklist of MANTARS “Ode ToThe Flame” is this:

Carnal Rising Praise The Plague Era Borealis The Hint Born Reversed Oz I, Omen Cross The Cross Swan stone Sundowning

It will be hot: