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Dave Hunt Leaves Benediction

Dave Hunt Leaves Benediction
May 04, 2019

Dave Hunt, the man responsible for venom and bile behind the MIC for the die-hard UK-Deathern BENEDICTION, to listen to. In addition to his upcoming PhD job Hunt has not been clamped in the past few years, in the case of anaal NATHRAKH, so that he gets so many commitments currently under a hat. In The Text:

“ With the End of the song-writing for the new BENEDICTION Album was so slow for me that I can, unfortunately, leave BENEDICTION in the future, not more of my undivided attention, which earned the Band: Both for the Release, which Shows as well as all the other things. For me, BENEDICTION is more than a Band, more than a band of brothers I've never had more than one of the most important stations in my life, I spent more than half my life. It is an Institution. And I think she is incredibly strong, especially with the new Material. There are great days before the BENEDICTION, and although I am extremely sad to no longer be a part of it, the guys have my total respect, love and Support. "


The last European Shows in Germany and the Czech Republic in July still to be played, after which BENEDICTION will announce the new singer, who is currently still kept under lock and key.

The tour data of the BENEDICTION, as follows:

27.04. P Barroselas – SWR Barroselas Metalfest
11.05. UK-London – Incineration Festival
25.05. USA Baltimore, MD – Maryland death fest XVII
19.07. D Bertingen – Rock unter den Eichen
20.07. CZ Tři Dvory - Symbolic Open-Air
23./24.08. D Wörrstadt – Neuborn Open Air
02.11. D Hamburg – Awaking Corpses Death Metal Fest