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Dave Padden Is A Rising

January 29, 2016

Dave Padden (ANNIHILATOR) joined the canadian Nerd-prog like THIRD ION, after Tyler Gilbert has left the Band to devote himself to his Solo projects. The Band commented as follows:

“Sadly, after our last gig, our singer Tyler informed us he was leaving the band. We loved having him, but his heart and passion lie with his own music. We wish him all the best, and good luck with his future! Right away we wasted no time and got right on the search for a new singer. Dave's demo blew us away, and not to mention he has an incredible amount of experience! [...] We have been sitting on this news since the summer, and after getting back from Vancouver this week, with a finished album's worth of vocal tracks, I am absolutely psyched to announce Dave Padden as the singer for THIRD ION!“

If you can establish Padden as a Prog-singer, remains to be seen, the Band has released a Teaser to listen to the Padden is:

Last year the Canadians with their debut “13/8bit”.