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Deliver New Video And Details About "The Harvest"

Deliver New Video And Details About "The Harvest"
June 27, 2019

The Hamburg-based Death metal band ENDSEEKER heating the June even more, and publish today for more information about your on the 13.09.2019 appears with a new Album "The Harvest". The successor to "Flesh Hammer Prophecy" is under the Label of Metal Blade Records about the load tables go.

The today published a Video for the Track "Spiritual Euphoria" is shown in a gloomy, bitter mood. ENDSEEKER the musical Sense circuits. A dark harbinger for the early harvest time.

The cycle begins constantly Anew

ENDSEEKER explain the idea behind it as follows: "In the autumn, nature is starting to shut down. Fruits and grains are ripe, the fields harvested, in humans and animals prepare for the Winter, by piling up inventories. It is also a time of death: The trees lose Foliage, winter sleep is approaching, the days are getting shorter, and soon everything will be grey. Observe how everything seems to die, is downright magical, because it is revived in the spring of quasi again, and the cycle starts Again. These striking images are closely related to our understanding of Death Metal; he is cruel and fascinating as nature, so our current texts turn also to a large Share of nature-related topics.“

ENDSEEKER sharpen the sickle

Like the sound of the Hamburger Haubolzen in Detail, of which we were able to make us advance in the context of a Listening Session to "The Harvest" an image. More on that in the next few days.

With the publication of the Cover Artwork today, the package is completed. The new groove can be pre-ordered from today here:




Endseeker – "The Harvest"Artwork