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Details Of The Debut "In Another Time"

April 09, 2019

24. May be publish, the New York City-born TANITH her debut album, "In Another Time" on Metal Blade Records. Named after a character from the Hammer Horror film classic "The bride of the devil," worship Tanith the classic hard rock with influences from groups such as BLUE öyster CULT, THIN LIZZY or URIAH HEEP. "In Another Time" will contain the following TRacks:

1. Citadel (Galantia Pt. 1)
2. Book of Changes
3. Wing of the Owl (Galantia Pt. 3)
4. Cassini's Deadly Plunge
5. Under the Stars
6. Mountain
7. Eleven Years
8. Dionysus
9. Under the Stars (Reprise)

A first taste of the title track "Citadel", whose Video we deliver to you here: