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Details Of The New Album "Entheogen"

March 17, 2015

The progressive technical Death metallers CORPSE GARDEN from Costa Rica have announced further Details for their upcoming Album. The second Album of your band's history is Entheogen, therefore, in the name of “hear” and on 15.05.2015 appear, responsible for the German Label RTM Productions in cooperation with Satanath Records from Russia.

“Entheogen” refers to a chemical substance often used in religious or spiritual rituals, in order to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

Here is the Tracklist of the album, including the Cover Artwork:

01. The Quantum Rapture
02. In The Womb Of Chaos
03. Portal To The Oneiric
04. The Arrival Of Saturn
05. Suspended Over The Abyss
06. Evoking A Dead Sun
07. Sulphur
08. Neux Ex Machina
09. The First Incarnation
10. A Balance Of Opposites
11. The Emerald Vision
12. Red Pulvis Solaris
13. Enantiodromia