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Disease-Related Resolution

February 06, 2016

And again, a Raven black day for the Female-Fronted Metal. Anna ‘Aya’ Stefanowicz, singer of the Polish Band UNSUN has announced as a result of her long illness with a heavy heart, the end of the Band. After the Album “Clinic For Dolls” 2010 had Fans for years, on a third Studio album of the Band waited. UNSUN confirmed for 2012 with a longer break, as the singer Aya suffered a sudden and severe vocal disorder. New Songs have been announced, the Band also worked on a follow-up long-player, but a singer Aya suffers until today under the pain when Speaking and Singing. The disease of the nervous system deterioration of their condition in the last two years, previous therapies were without success. The announcement of the dissolution of the Band followed today. Guitarist Maurycy ‘Mauser’ Stefanowicz is in other music projects. We would like to thank you for two class albums, UnSun and wish singer Aya speedy recovery!