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October 14, 2015

The Symphonic metallers ARVEN have announced in September their resolution on the band's own channels. The Frankfurt girls made from 2006 to 2015 music together, and it brought on a total of a Demo and two albums.

Reasons for this can be seen from the following extract from the official Statement:

“As you all have noticed, in the last few months, very little going on at Arven. We have long been looking for a guitarist as a replacement for Ines and are not today able to find. These staffing problems have us playing it held concerts and to plan for the future. In addition, personal differences and divergent musical ideas have become in the last few months, more and more often within the Band aware of what we couldn't in the last few years, although the bypass, which will allow it to make us, but also in the future as Arven music. After many meetings and long discussions, we came to the conclusion that a resolution of the Band is the only reasonable option. Arven will no longer continue to exist.“