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Draw The Line And Play A Farewell Tour

September 03, 2015

The münster-based Metalcore Formation NEAERA has today announced via Facebook known for attracting bar to the end of the year to a close. Previously, the fives will play a few Shows with CALIBAN and other fellow Bands.

NEAERA back founded in the year 2003, look on six Studio albums and is today considered one of the most important German Bands in the Metalcore and Melo-Death.

Here is the Statement from the Band in the original wording:

Dear friends and followers,

as some of you already via other channels may have noticed, will be this year's DARKNESS OVER XMAS Tour at the same time, our farewell tour. The step was not really easy – but we have decided to dissolve the Band. The reasons are varied in nature and enclose different areas. There is no bad blood, there is no dispute – it is not an ad hoc decision, but rather is the result of an already longer emerging development, as well as careful Consideration and joint discussions. We have operated in this Band always passionate and honest, and prefer to listen as one day, a shadow of our self. To put into words what you have given to us all through the years, again and again, through posts, e-mails, conversations at shows and autograph sessions, and mainly, of course, during the concerts themselves, is impossible. We don't want to say goodbye to you with a post, because that would not be appropriate for the circumstances. For this reason, we are going in December with our long time friends Caliban and the demolition of bulbs ANYGIVENDAY, WDOB, and VITYA for the last Time on Tour with you guys in Leipzig, Stuttgart and Münster to hold the place up. The presale starts on 04.09.15 10 PM www.eventim.de.

Thanks for all the great years, for the UPS and Downs, the many wonderful encounters, experiences, and the experiences that you have allows you to us!!! At this point also a special thanks to the great staff of king star Music, as well as to the Horny guys and gals of our long-standing and ever-faithful record company, Metal Blade Records Europe, as well as Direct Management.
See you in December

The Dates and the Line-up of the farewell tour at a Glance: