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Draw To The Blu-ray And DVD Release

Draw To The Blu-ray And DVD Release
November 18, 2019

ROB ZOMBIE is in addition to the music for his films. "3 From Hell", the current string is 21.11.2019 via Studio canal on DVD and Blu-ray available. To celebrate, we're giving away two Blu-rays that you can at this point abgreifend. Who has asked the question, since "The Devil's Rejects", as it is actually with the murderous anarchists troupe went on, is here gold correct.

The Plot:

As if by a miracle it Otis, Baby, and Cpt. Spaulding to survive the hail of bullets at the end of "The Devil's Rejects". Because of their countless crimes of the last years of the murderous Trio goes to jail without any prospect of release. But the walls that could stop the family of Firefly, still need to be built; and so it does not take too long before the Devil's Rejects and its support of the completely crazy "Midnight Wolfman" again plundering and murdering by the USA – a cruel trail of destruction behind, pulling ...

Fills up 24.11.2019 the form below and don't forget to confirm your E-Mail address. As always, the winner will be decided and the decision is final. The winners will be notified a few days after the draw by E-Mail.

One of two of these Blu-rays may soon belong to you.

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