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Drummer Dustin Scho Hofer Arrested

October 28, 2019

WALLS OF JERICHO drummer Dustin scho Hofer was arrested last week by Oregon State Police after it was found in his Pickup truck 300 kg of marijuana.

23. October, the musician was controlled because of a minor traffic violation by a police officer. During a search of the vehicle, the marijuana was found, and the drummer is finally due to illegal drug possession and arrested. He admitted that he was with the Pickup on their way to Ohio, but denied to have any knowledge of the illegal cargo had. After payment of a Deposit in the amount of 45,000 US dollars, he came again on free foot. The Oregon State Police shared on Facebook a picture of the discovery.

Dustin scho Hofer was in 2004 a member of WALLS OF JERICHO and on every Album since, including "With Devils Amongst Us All" to listen to.

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