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Drummer Leaves The Band

December 15, 2015

And again there are news from the house of ABBATH. This time, however, it is not the dispute between Abbath and IMMORTAL, but Drummer Kevin ‘Creature’ Foley, left to its own information, according to the Band due to personal reasons.

Foley's Statement to the exit:
“As a few of you might already know, I've been busy this year playing with the Norwegian band ABBATH as a mysterious character called ‘Creature’ (Sorry to disappoint you if you thought it was the amazing Baard Koldstad! hehe). For some personal reasons, I've decided to leave the band. Still, it's been a great experience and an honor to play all of the band's shows so far and record the upcoming album in Sweden with [producer] Daniel Bergstrand. I’m really happy with the result. I love the songs, the sound and I’m proud of my drumming on this one.”