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Drummer Namtar Leaves The Band

Drummer Namtar Leaves The Band
February 10, 2020

The thickness of air at the FOLLOWING ANGREN? As the founding members of Ardek and Seregor said today on Facebook, has chosen a drummer Namtar – until now the third in the League – to leave the Dutch Symphonic Black Metal masters, with immediate effect. In a short Statement, the two remaining members of the band Express themselves as follows:

"We very much regret to have to inform you that Namtar has decided to leave FOLLOWING ANGREN. He has written a personal opinion on his own page to explain his reasons. Namtar was always an incredible drummer and has worked very hard for the Band. Although we regret his departure, we accept his decision. We would like to thank you for everything and wish him the Best for his future.

We, Ardek and Seregor, will lead from now on, FOLLOWING ANGREN together and we are ready to reveal the to date most ambitious Album. In terms of tours and live performances, we will continue to rely on the excellent help of our Live guitarist Bastiaan Boh (Butcher) and soon a new Live Drummer to confirm.“

So far, So good – or is it? Because of the Band's mentioned, detailed Statement on Namtars own Facebook page speaks a clearer language. Therein Namtar criticized the current States in the metal scene. He criticised the Band had become a kind of "employee of the metal business". In the center of his criticism, especially the logistical problems and non-compliance with agreements, which FOLLOWING ANGREN are to be faced again and again. The stumbling block seems to be here in the first place, last year's European tour have been in the FOLLOWING ANGREN have just been informed at a very short notice about the planned stage production could not come due to a logistical Problem to use.

In its opinion, Namtar goes not only into Detail but also to the question of whether he ANGREN to the FOLLOWING (or return at all for a Band) would. In both scenarios he will give an answer now. A little light for the Fans: Namtar emphasized towards the end of his Statements, that there would be no problems between him and the remaining members of the band. The entire Post can be found on Namtars Facebook page.

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