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End The Isolation

End The Isolation
November 08, 2019

SEPULTURA bring a new Album at the Start: It's called "Quadra" and is on 7. February released by Nuclear Blast. Today, an official Video has been released to 'Isolation', which was played on the Rock-In-Rio-Festival.

The Video shows SEPULTURA at Rock In Rio appearance. Andreas Kisser said: "the world premiere of "Isolation", a straightforward Thrash number with an epic Intro. We have also presented the new Cover and the name of the album "Quadra" a huge crowd of 10,000 people, a magical and historic Moment in our career."

With "Isolation" devote themselves to SEPULTURA the concept of solitary confinement, such as Derrick Green says:
"The prisoners will not be rehabilitated in this way, but change for the Worst. If you then return to the company, we pay all the price for what was done to them.“

The Cover of "Quadra".

The concept for the Album goes a step further, such as Andreas Kisser explains: "'Quadra' is the Portuguese word for "game box", that is, by Definition, a "limited area", with clear boundary lines, in which a game takes place according to certain rules. We all come from different 'Quadras'. There are Nations, borders, traditions, education and the like. Our personality, the things we believe in, the way we live, everything depends on these rules, with which we grew up. Concepts of creation, gods, death, and ethics.

In particular, the fixation on money was problematic: "We measure the value of a man by his material goods. Regardless of the 'Quadra', from which it comes, everyone needs money to survive. It is the main rule, the spins of our game of life.“

In the case of "Quadra" is the 15. Studio album by the Brazilians, of which only Andreas Kisser from the high stage is. Max and Igor Cavalera tours together and play a lot of SEPULTURA classics.

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