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Event Tip: 13.11. The DEEP ROCK Charity Festival

November 12, 2015

Tomorrow it is time again. On the 13.11. the DEEP ROCK charity festival in Abtsgmünd. As in previous years, organizer Joachim Reider to the task to support with loyal Fans of heavy music, social projects. So also this year. With a lot of the musical heavy-weights in the Luggage, wants to Joachim the net proceeds, the Fabian Fink (NECROTTED) proposed project “circle of friends asylum” in Abtsgmünd donations. If your more about the project, would like to know, do you find a well worth reading article in the schwäbische Post.

A great idea, as we can find. So if you planned on 13.11.2015 nothing, and from the Stuttgart area, should appear strongly in Abtsgmünd.

Running Order: 18:00 – 18:30 PM DCIM 18:45 – 19:15 Skeleton Pit 19:30 – 20:05 Scarsign At 20:20 – 20:55 Necrotted At 21:10 – 21:55 Grindfuckers At 22:15 – 23:15 Pro Pain At 23:35 – 00:35 Aborted

(subject to change)


The Kocher Valley Metro Pole Abtsgmund

High-Stadter Strasse 2

73453 Abtsgmünd


20 euros at the box office