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Ex-VOMITORY-make More Members With A New Band

April 07, 2015

Who mourns the passing of still the end of 2013-defunct Swedish Death Metal veterans VOMITORY, can look forward to: Tobias Gustafsson, Erik Rundqvist now two former members have created with CUT-UP a new Band and a record contract with Metal Blade Records was signed.

CUT-UP was founded in early 2014, Drummer Tobias Gustafsson and Bassist/vocalist Erik Rundqvist and soon by guitarist Anders Bertilsson (ex-COLDWORKER) and guitarist/vocalist Andreas Björnson (ex-FETUS STENCH) completed. In November 2014, they were in the Studio, around eleven new Songs to record for her as yet untitled debut album.

Drummer Tobias Gustafsson comments: “I am glad, proud and honoured to be back with Metal Blade Records came, this time with CUT UP! I clearly can not let the Finger of Death Metal, so it is fantastic to be so quickly after the end of VOMITORY with a new killer command from the Quark came in. CUT UP are not merely a project, but the main band of all four members. We are very happy with our first Album, both the Songs and the production, and can't wait to show it to you! CUT UP want to playing soon after the release of live and hope to see you all there in front of the stage!”

Erik Rundqvist – Vocals & Bass
Andreas Björnson – vocals & guitar
Anders Bertilsson – Guitar
Tobias Gustafsson – Drums