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Ex-guitarist Justin Lowe Reported Missing

July 20, 2015

A few weeks ago, we reported of Justin Lowes to quit, AFTER THE BURIAL, and his confusing Statement. In the meantime, it seems clear that the Americans suffers from a mental illness.

According to US media reports, Lowe's sister, reported to the guitarist on the weekends as missing. As search teams in the U.S. state of Wisconsin are on the search for her brother. Lowe's sister said on Saturday: “you have to be the car found and he was officially reported as missing. An extensive search today in the area in which his car was discovered, they will continue tomorrow.” Yesterday she logged again: “are you looking for my brother day and night. Thank you for your prayers.“

Why Lowe is gone, is unclear. Of his former band mates, there is still no Statement.

Here are the statements of Lowes’ sister in the original wording:

Saturday: “My brother Justin went missing this morning. His car has been located and he has been declared a missing person. An extensive search was done today in the area that his car was found in and will continue tomorrow morning. At this time, I ask that you please respect our privacy as we go through this devastating experience. At the same time, we ask for prayers that he is found and safe. As I’m sure there will be many of you messaging me, please know that I am reading them and appreciating your concern, but may not reply. I continue to post updates as I have them will. At this time, the authorities have not asked for the public's assistance in searching. The area is unsafe and they have every park ranger and sherif assisting in the search. If that changes, I will let everyone know.“

Sunday: “The search has been completed for today. The ground around the area his car was found has been searched completely. [We] went and walked the trails and along the shore of the St. Croix yesterday, but did not find any sign of him. All search efforts tomorrow will be in the river. We are very impressed with the Washington County Sheriff's Office and Park Rangers who have coordinated the search efforts. They are working day and night to find my brother. Thank you to everyone for their prayers.“