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Fan Suing For Damages

January 06, 2015

To do when there is a Band in the past already more than enough trouble as it is with concert-related accidents and related overzealous lawsuits and the judiciary to decide had, then the LAMB OF GOD. But hardly Randy Blythe is officially spoken of the charge of manslaughter-free, complains, once again, a Fan of the Band, got hurt in 2012 at one of their concerts in the US Wallingford, Connecticut. This time, however, the lawsuit against the concert promoter “Live Nation”. The man calls for a total of $ 75,000, because he had been trampled at the event, and spine fractures have worn it. “Live Nation” failed to ensure adequate safety measures at the event. The Band LAMB OF GOD this time is not a part of the action and must count only once, not with a re-arrest of any members of the band.