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First Info On The 2020 Edition

First Info On The 2020 Edition
October 26, 2019

All the no flight or cruise of shame have evolved in the climate these days, and maybe even the comprehensive and exciting guide from Angela about the heavy metal – in a double sense – the Caribbean adventure have read, next year in January again get happy: 70000 Tons of Metal announces the first new Bands and info.

Through the Caribbean

From 7 to 11 January 2020 in five days of the Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the island of Cozumel in Mexico and back again. The palate and the eyes and ears offer a lot of things. From Slippers 833 US dollars, it is. Without fees and taxes, mind you. The first Bands have been announced already and read so far, as follows:

EMPEROR, CANDLEMASS, EPICA, ORIGIN, LEAVES EYES, EINHERJER, WINTERSUN, VENOM. This price is in the start just about everything you could want: All-inclusive (except drinks), free Meet & Greet with all the Bands and other attractions on Board.


Pre-sale starts from today

The tickets of the various ticket categories, starting today ordered to be able to, for the special Gold and silver survivor clients, this was already possible before. For all the folks back home it might be a live stream or later on selected shots, is confirmed but so far nothing.

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