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First Single From New EP Out

First Single From New EP Out
March 08, 2020

The Belgian Metzel master ABORTED on the 17. April with "La Grande Mascarade", a EP with three brand new Songs. To whet your appetite, there is now the Track "Gloom and the Art of Tribulation" as a single publication. It will be the first EP without guitarist Mendel bij de Leij be, since "The Necrotic Manifesto" fresh blood in the Band brought. With new strings, warlock Harrison Patuto (ex-VALE OF PNATH), but it was not recorded on the EP, and is thus completely of Material from the pen of Ian Jekellis is. Produced by Kristian "Kohle" coal man Lehner and with a nasty Artwork by Mitchell Nolte equipped, can only be expected again with another treat for Death/grind fans.

Frontman Svencho comments:

"Ok, ok, ok. It will continue to occur time ass. Here it is for you, my love Gore maniacs, and death dealer, the first Single by the name of "Goom and the Art of Tribulation". A little poem about flowers, the outlet end of the body openings and the emancipation of my ingrown toenails enjoys. Like Joe Rogan said: Listen to ABORTED, NOW! The lyric video was made under the direction of the people of Aimed & Framed, and that noise was the sound of coal being orchestrated properly ’sick‘ to! Don't forget the last Pre-Order Bundles deduction of tires as long as you still can!“

The Cover here you can marvel at:

Aborted – La Grande Mascerade


"La Grande Mascarde" will include the following Tracks:

The Gloom and the Art of Tribulation Serpent of Depravity Funereal Male Diction Total

ABORTED are currently on the America tour, but it should be soon in the European realm, at the latest, to the festival season.

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