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For More Details About The New Album

March 31, 2015

MILKING THE GOATMACHINE have more Details on the 26.6. via NoiseArt Records published the new Album “Goatgrind”. “As it is with most Bands in common, we have evolved with each Album,” from the Band. “We have now decided to go back to the way. Our concept is not a concept, and we just play what comes to mind. In doing so, we take no Hoof in front of the mouth and can be interpreted like a couple of old men in leather briefs. The title “Goatgrind” stands for what it is. Our Style is fully on the mouth.”


Also, cover artwork and track list.



1. Burn Your Shed

2. Fear The Goathammer

3. U. T. Milk Is Murder. H.

4. Talk To The Hoofe

5. Mrs. Goatfire (Nanny Of The Damned)

6. Wolf Expander

7. The Sound Of Breaking Horns

8. Shadows And Crust

9. Blow Your Sneakers

10. The Goatastic Four

11. No More Space In The Oven

12. #Idiot

13. Goatgrind

14. Farm Of The Mutilated

15. Wheels Of Fire (Manowar Cover)