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Frankie Banali In The Fight Against Cancer

Frankie Banali In The Fight Against Cancer
October 22, 2019

This disease is really a A........!! Today, there are unfortunately some bad news from Riot/4722">QUIET RIOT. In the final stages of cure prior to the Release of their new book "Hollywood Cowboys," reports Drummer Frankie Banali to word. The drummer is on Facebook and Instagram to announce that in April of this year with pancreatic cancer, he was determined.

Since then, he has had several concerts cancelled. "The original diagnosis didn't sound good at all. I had a great battle in front of me,“ he writes to his Fans. "But I'm grateful to be able to say that I am after a few rounds of chemotherapy and other treatments on the way to recovery. The days ahead would not be easy, but I plan to continue to fight“.

Banali have planned for next Saturday again with his Band QUIET RIOT to the stage at the legendary "Whisky A Go Go" and also for the Tour next year with Banali behind the drum kit fixed in the calculation. The man has announced of the disease, the fight.

"I hope to see you on the Tour," according to Frankie Banali, "I appreciate all the Fans support QUIET RIOT by coming to the Shows, and I hope you will support us and hold me in addition in your thoughts and Prayers. Peace and love.“


QUIET RIOT are the 80s, elements of the Heavy Metal scene and was then, for Insurgency ("Riot"), as you, as one of the first Bands with a Heavy Metal Album on the Billboard Charts boarded. The Album "Metal Health" hit at the time, directly at # 1 on the Charts and went on about six million Times over the counter. This was the cornerstone of a decades-long, metallic career, which will be celebrated with a fresh Album in November 2019 and a Live tour. With the "Hollywood Cowboys" want to QUIET RIOT, the good old time, pay tribute to, but at the same time prove that the old iron is still hot.

We wish Frankie Banali all the best and a speedy recovery !!


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