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Fredrik Andersson Poisoned Against Johan Hegg

Fredrik Andersson Poisoned Against Johan Hegg
May 04, 2019

According to a recent Interview with Australia's "Wall of Sound"magazine, with Johann Hegg, Sängerder Swedish Death metallers AMON AMARTH, with "Berserker" is also a new Album out, called ex-Drummer Fredrik Andersson on his Facebook page to word and called Heggs remarks "hypocritical". Andersson criticized, Hegg told him at the time, he can earn as much as the other members, and now with such statements to the corner come. In the Interview, it was a question of the sums, the running-in of artists from Streaming services like Spotify and the Apple Music and what Hegg as a clear little saw. Andersson had been fired in March 2015, shortly before the recording of the "Jomsviking"Album.

While I feel it's quite hypocritical of the man, who recently basically said I do not deserve to get paid as much as the...

Posted by Fredrik Andersson on Thursday, may 2. May 2019

AMON AMARTH had hired for the recordings, Tobias Gustafsson (VOMITORY, CUT UP), but decided a short time later for Jocke Wallgren as a permanent Drummer, which should also tours with them. As Andersson was in another Social Media Post to be published, should not be more then, this sweetness and light between the band members. He commented:

"We had our problems and differences and, ultimately, has added everything to the end, hard incision. I have disregarded for a long time and not as a full member of the band felt, in spite of all the years, and I think that has led to our heated dispute. To me, only the rights to the live performances were were Sold and the wars. After a last Meeting, which felt to me very hostile, where I was insulted and threatened, for me there was no other option than to pull out the terms that were offered to me.“

The current success of AMON AMARTH, and such a Stink of old members about business problems certainly does not detract. Andersson himself has with THIS ENDING , also been a new Band is found.