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Fronterin In "Sing My Song"

Fronterin In "Sing My Song"
June 07, 2019
BEYOND THE BLACK-Fronterin in "Sing my Song"

Jennifer the one or the other may be as Fronterin of the German Symphonic/Heavy Metal Band BEYOND THE BLACK known. To a wider audience, and the Sound of your Band will be in your role in the Show "Sing my Song" soon to be known: There are on 11. June in the next issue, namely their Songs, which will be interpreted by many other artists. New and old artists like Jeanette Biedermann or Vincent White will try to your Version of BEYOND THE BLACK-Songs.

The individual titles are as follows:

Jeanette Biedermann – "In The Shadows" Alvaro Soler – "A Million Lightyears" Johannes Oerding – "Heart Of The Hurricane" Wincent Weiss – "Love's A Burden" Michael Patrick Kelly – "Unbroken" Milow – "Songs Of Love And Death"

Jennifer self is present on your exchange night the Song "Through The Mirror".

Special feature: "Singing my Song"-follow-up and documentation in front of TV broadcasting see

Normally the new episode of "Sing my Song" at 20:15 on 11. June at VOX in the FTA can be seen, the impatient and paying spectators on TVNow already now satisfy your curiosity. In addition to after the broadcast a documentary on Jennifer and make your way to the Metal and generally the music will be shown.