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GOSLAVE Celebrate The Birthday Of The "Reborn Again"

GOSLAVE Celebrate The Birthday Of The "Reborn Again"
March 09, 2019

GODSLAVE have something to celebrate: their re-birth birthday. Sounds confusing, but actually, their last year released Album "Reborn Again" that gets in 2019, already in his first year on the hump behind it, more precisely, as of today, the 09. March. Reason enough to celebrate, the Band. And of course we like to celebrate, especially because of the enormous quality of said Album.

metal.de presents: GODSLAVE celebrate the birthday of the "Reborn Again"

And the "Thrash-Gourmets", as Mr Rothe has described in his briefing to the panel aptly, not rags. The plays, of course, the fine feeling for the seasoning, which let the Band to your positive-minded Thrash from the outside.

And hardly a Song that represents the relevant than the Hard rockers (!) "Rock On," which the Band released as a Lyric Video. What exactly is behind the idea to compose such a Song that explains the Band as follows:

""Reborn Again" have GODSLAVE introduced a fundamentally new concept in the black-and-painting-influenced Metal scene: a consistently positive Message!

Today, the panel celebrates first birthday and is celebrated with the Video to "Rock on, man". The Song continues the STATUS QUO – infatuation of the Saarland after the tribute EP "Whatever we want" by 2015. A self-composed Song in the QUO-Style as a tribute to the deceased guitarist Rick Parfitt.

Not a sad retreat, but a Celebration of life and creation and all that will remain for always. Whatever happens, rock on, man!“

Yes, in fact: Rock On, Man! And we are pleased to present you with this Lyric Video in collaboration with Gordeon Music present. Rock on with "Rock On, Man":