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Get Prominent Support For Duet

Get Prominent Support For Duet
January 06, 2020

The original Version of the ballad "Second To One" was already included on the current Album "Dominion". Now the Band has released a new version of the song, which now also Noora Louhimo of BATTLE BEAST is involved. Below you can see the duet in the Video:

Voices of HAMMERFALL-musicians

For the original Version HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak explains: "it All started with the fact that Joacim has suggested that we should try to write a Song with our longtime producer James Michael together. We flew for a weekend to Los Angeles and did not know exactly what we had expected. In the first 30 minutes I played James an idea. He immediately replied with a couple of chords and melodies, so we went from there. Together we wrote the music in just a few hours and met us the next day to provide all the Details done. It can go So fast sometimes, if you get the right feel for something, and the snow ball starts to move, the best feeling in the world. The Top-or-Flop-the weekend was definitely a Top weekend.“

How has it come to this cooperation with Noora Louhimo, reveals singer Joacim Sans: "during the writing process I had the feeling that this Song would be suitable for a great duet – a modern Form of "Ozzy & Lita Ford". I have had for quite a long while, my eye on BATTLE BEAST, Noora Louhimo, and her voice and stage presence knocked me out. I had the feeling that our voices would fit perfectly together. As we decided to realize the idea of the duet, I just took the phone and called Noora, the immediate "Hell Yeah!" said. To work with Noora, was just great and we felt a direct connection. Not only is she an extremely talented singer, she is also a great person. The video clip for the Song shows this great connection between Noora and me.“

Responsible for the Clip, Patric Ullaeus, who has worked with other big names like IN FLAMES, EUROPE, and WITHIN TEMPTATION over the years.

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