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Getting To The Festival On Thursday

May 05, 2016

The organizers of the Open-Air-Highlights of Rock am Ring this year for the second Time in the volcanic Eifel region in Mendig is to take place, an important innovation concerning the festival is the arrival announced As the festival team on the Rock-am-Ring-Homepage and in social networks announced that the campsites for the festival guests this year will not be before 6 o'clock in the morning on Thursday opened. Who wants to arrive on the Wednesday must pay a special fee of 20 Euro. This can be explained by the overhead that would be caused by the early arrival, it said.

In addition, there are new restrictions on the amount of liquids, the festival guests in Tetra packs with in front of the stage. Tetra packs were in the past few years, with a volume of up to one litre, may now only be brought containers with a maximum of 0.5 l capacity. The explanation: so you could control the content faster.