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Give Details To Your New Album

Give Details To Your New Album
October 16, 2016

Sister Stand Up, Forward, March (Cover)

The Swedish Sleaze and Punk metallers SISTER from Stockholm drive for ten years, up to mischief, and return now with their new Album “back to Stand Up, Forward, March!”. The disc was recorded in the Rock-high-castle Väsby in Sweden by SISTER yourself with the help of Jona Tee of H. E. A. T., and Tobias Lindell (Avatar, Crash Diet, Mustasch, Europe, Hardcore Superstar etc.), mixed, and Christian Schneider in the Scandinavian Mastering Studios for mastering.

A first Vorgemschmack of “Stand Up, Forward, March!” click here to see the Video for the new Single “Carved In Stone”:

SISTER say in the Form of drummer Cari Crow: “We wanted to commit our best Album ever instead of another. Our typical mood, the Aggression and raw Sound are preserved, just everything sounds fat, and the choruses will certainly blow you away. This is our previous career peak, and that the Board will bring a great step forward, now! The first Single “Carved In Stone” was written by Tim Tweak and Cari Crow, together with producer Jona tea. It was one of the last Songs written for the Album, we knew immediately that it could be the Leading Track!”

Tracklist For “Stand Up, Forward, March!”:
01. Destination Dust
02. Carved In Stone
03. Lost In Line
04. Trail Of Destruction
05. Carry On
06. Unbeliever
07. Let It Bleed
08. Liberation Song
09. Dead Man's Dirt
10. Endangered Species
11. Piece Of Shame