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Give Two Exclusive Concerts In Germany

March 05, 2015

Once as a Doom Metal Band, and as a part of the glorious Three (along with PARADISE LOST and MY DYING BRIDE) from the home of Peaceville started, sweeten ANATHEMA now with some sugar, soft prog rock. How this works, you have not only Recently on their current full-Length album “Distant Satellites”, the successor of “Weather Systems” (2012), shown. Live, the Band convinced the brothers Cavanagh. After your Tour for the Album, two exclusive dates in the house, the promise of truly magical moments. In the framework of its “Resonance – A Celebration Of The Entire History Of Anathema Music”Tour will be the British Songs of their entire career in the Luggage, and also by the strong Metal rooted album “Serenades” (1993) and “The Silent Enigma” (1995). Variety is guaranteed, but that's not enough: As a special Highlight at these Shows, even the founding members, Duncan Patterson (Bass, and 1998) and Darren White (singer until 1994) as a guest on Board. For Fans of the first hour, certainly a unique opportunity. We also of metal.de will be on site and report back. Tickets (including ticketmaster), but haste seems to be on offer. The exact Dates:

11.04.2015 Stuttgart, Longhorn 14.04.2015 Bochum, Matrix