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Go To InsideOut Music And Announce Their New Album, "TRIPS", Including A New Line-up Of

January 21, 2016

The münster-based Post-rockers/Post-metallers LONG DISTANCE CALLING to change after three successful albums on SuperBall Music to his mother's Label, InsideOut Music. But not only that, with the new business partners LONG DISTANCE CALLING have announced together a new Album, in the name of “TRIPS” to listen to and at the 29.04.2016 will appear.

“TRIPS” was created in collaboration with Vincent Sorg at Principal Studios – with a partially new Line-up. LONG DISTANCE CALLING have to say:

“Because he wants to focus on his private life, has decided to Martin ‘Marsen’ Fischer, of LONG DISTANCE CALLING to withdraw, but not without the majority of the Keyboards and sound effects on ‘TRIPS’. On real LONG DISTANCE CALLING, we have another Surprise up your Sleeve and would like to introduce Petter Carlsen on vocals for ‘TRIPS’. About half of the new Songs with Vocals, and Petter has done a Wahnsinnsjob. We are really glad to have him with TRIPS on Board. If you because of his Name rings a bell, you are absolutely right: He has made the singing of the Song ‘Welcome Change’ on the Album ‘The Flood Inside’. We are sure that you will love the new stuff with him on vocals!”

Petter adds:

“I was immediately a Fan of LONG DISTANCE CALLING, as we met in 2010 on the Tour with ANATHEMA – both of your music as well as their personalities. I am grateful that you are a long-distance call [in the Original “long distance calling” – note. d. Transl.] after Norway dropped and asked me if I wanted to be in ‘TRIPS’ – and I am very proud to be a part of it. We had a great time in the Principal Studios, it was focused a focus, relaxed and very creative atmosphere. It was a pleasure for me to welcome my colours to this well-made Songs.”

Furthermore, it itches LONG DISTANCE CALLING in the fingers, which will present Songs from “TRIPS” live. For more information on the Album “TRIPS” as well as upcoming Live-activities of LONG DISTANCE CALLING to follow soon.