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Grave Desecration By Local Metal Singer

March 03, 2015

Reece Eber, singer of local metal band NUCLEAR light frost takes full responsibility for the desecration of the tomb of Darrell Lance Abbott better known as Dimebag Darrell, the legendary guitarist of PANTERA and later DAMAGEPLAN. Abbott was on 8. December 2004, shot dead during a DAMAGEPLAN concert by a mentally disturbed Fan on the stage. Until last Saturday, he rested in peace on the "Moore Memorial Gardens" cemetery in Texas Arlington.

On 28.02.2015 informed Reece Eber a Instagram Account a photoof the filthy and with the word “FAG” graffiti on the tomb plate of the guitarists showed. To this end, he wrote:

“I hate Pantera with all my heart and the Rest of my Band. And because we have our Tour led by Texas, have we paid this idiot a visit to his grave spat, a pair of Cowboy boots stolen and I wrote the word “FAG” on his grave. Not that I'm homophobic, but I hope that Pantera Fans see this and rage einscheißen. Dimebag, bunch of fucking racist Hillbillies.”

The expected Shitstorm and NUCLEAR hell frost, and Reece Eber death threats received brought Fans. Boar apologized in a Statement and took sole responsibility for his act. He added the fact, also, and was just a piece of paper on the grave, and nothing stolen left. The Motto “any publicy is good publicy” could be started in this case, indeed, once to the rear.