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Has Finished Work On His Solo Album

Has Finished Work On His Solo Album
November 07, 2016

The former PANTERA and DOWN Bassist Rex Brown has announced on Instagram that his solo album is finished. The publication is targeted for 2017.

Compared to the British “Metal Hammer” said he: “I had this rut after 25 years, just time to escape. I needed a break, I was able to get my children to take care of and I think was where my journey goes next. Last summer, I'm a good friend to Nashville dangers of squats in his bedroom and incredible stuff writes. I have found a Tape with 80 different Riffs, which is why we have set, and the resulting Songs made it.”

About the musical orientation of the 52-year-old revealed: “It's a Rock ‘N’ Roll record, not a typical Metal stuff. (...) In this section of my trip, I make Tracks that sound like everything from FOGHAT to old TOM WAITS. I am a child of the Seventies and love these Songs.”

In the last few years he attracted attention with the All Star Band KILL DEVIL HILL and his autobiography, “Official Truth: 101 Proof”.

The last day of recording!! kudos to my bud Adrian O'brien for all of my new @prestige guitars & his excellent lens!! Stay tuned in 2017!! The Rex Brown Band

A photo posted by Rex Brown (@rexbrownofficial) on Nov 4, 2016 at 3:44pm PDT