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Have Posted The First Studio Album Without Abbath Finished

June 07, 2016

The Norwegian Black Metal Band IMMORTAL has completed the Songwriting for their ninth, yet untitled Album. As the Band since the departure of founding member Abbath in the year 2014 now from Demonaz (guitar, Vocals) and Horgh (drums), in a Post on your Facebook profile told, go back to the roots: “After last year's incidents, it was time to go back to the roots, to go, to the, to what the Band musically, and also the Integität the Band back to where it belongs. Cold, dark, merciless Blashyrkh-Metal with a true feeling, that is what we deliver.”

Demonaz: “This is our düsterstes and kältestes Album for a long time; pure Blashyrkh-Metal, as our Fans know, with massive, majestic Riffs, a dark, icy vocals and tales of our mighty Empire. Fast and furious Tracks, epic Tracks and a longer playing time than all our previous albums.”

IMMORTAL-a founding member Demonaz: “The immense support of the Fans has been tremendously inspiring, and we will let the Fans down. Last year, we have put all the new Songs ready, and we look forward to the recordings of our commitment towards most plate for a long time joyfully. The Songwriting process was fantastic, and we are soon ready to start recording.”

Also, look to the camp of the Band that you've written from 2010 to 2014, all of the Songs for the successor of “All Shall fall”, Abbath but in 2014, the lyrics and the song title changed and the Songs I used for his new Band of ABBATH. Demonaz: “We had to focus on, to start the new Album almost from the front, which is the main reason why everything has taken so long. We are now looking forward to the new record to record and present all that can be shown to us Loyal and supported us. IMMORTAL have always been a unique and unstoppable power, this is also true for our Fans. We will never change our music, or even the setting.”