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Hetfield Released A Statement And Says Concerts

Hetfield Released A Statement And Says Concerts
February 24, 2020

METALLICA have cancelled a Statement from singer James Hetfield, on their official Facebook page, several appearances at Festivals in the United States. Other appointments in the United States and in South America in the course of the year, but should continue to take place. In its opinion, Hetfield is on his current state of health:

"It pains me to write this, but I don't have to let you all know that I can make it to Sonic Temple in Columbus and the Louder Than Life in Louisville this year. As part of my ongoing efforts to be healthy and to stay, I was critical of rehabilitation appointments on these weekends that cannot be moved. I apologize to all our Fans who have bought Tickets for these events. We work with the Festival promoters to provide refunds or exchange available.

My Intention with this Statement, I apologize "to tell each of you" to. The reality is that I have not prioritized my health in the last year on Tour and I know now that my mental health comes first. This may sound like a no-brainer for most of you, but I didn't want to leave the METALLICA Team/the METALLICA family in the lurch and I turned to self-complete it.

From the positive side, is my therapy. It was absolutely necessary for me to pay attention to my mental, physical and spiritual health.

I would like to stress that the Band will play all the other for 2020 announced Shows.“

James Hetfield was the end of 2019, once again, a rehab due to his alcohol illness drag, resulting in the cancellation of the entire Tour of Australia and new Zealand led.

The full Text of the statement can be found here:

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