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Hire Metal Blade To

September 09, 2015

The Thrash-stretching ACCU§HE did with METAL BLADE a new Label home.

Commented the Band: “We are very proud and happy that our new Album will be released on Metal Blade, and we look forward to working with them. We feel Metal Blade is in good company and in good hands. A big step for ACCU§er and an absolute honor. Currently, we are working in a highly motivated to the new Songs and are absolutely convinced of them. Look forward to a good dose of THRASH!”

ACCU§ERs roots go back to the year 1986, since then the Quartet has released nine albums, including classics such as “Who Dominates Who”, “Repent”, or the so far last Album, “Diabolic” from the year 2013.

Next month, ACCU§be boarding IT again the familiar hard Like Studios to take the successor of “Diabolic”, together with Martin Buchwalter. The Album is intended to be Veröffentlichumg in March 2016.