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Horror Video To 'Follow You' Released

March 16, 2016

Fans of the British Band BRING ME THE HORIZON should hurry to watch the new music video “Follow You”. The stark images in which the Protagonist wanders through a Scene, to be in the all out of hand seems, violence knows no boundaries and could go easily as a latest part of the “Resident Evil“series, may well be censored in Germany. In other Parts of the globe’ is no longer see the Video already.

Small tip: Who has movies in the horror, most of the time the Hand in front of the eyes, and the view of blood, a rather queasy feeling in the stomach, should make Viewing of the Videos as a precaution, once in a barf bag next to the computer.

Shit, not doing what.Whoops! Here is actually a Video - or Audio-embed should appear. ...