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Ice-cold Beer At The Campsite

July 17, 2015

If the time is not Service to the Fan is: Who is much in the mood of a cold beer and a little feel like carrying it around, for the Summer Breeze Open Air via the Print@Home function on the festival page pallet with ice-cold Beck's beer (optionally, Beck's Green Lemon). Cost is a Euro per container (excl. Deposit). A Euro system fee, as well as a transaction fee per order. A Limit for the pallets, there is not, it should, however, not forget to be noted that the delicious juice of the Barley is sold only to persons over 16 years of age – Personal. Furthermore, you should be sure to have the confirmations for your orders when you Pick up the pallets. Without which there will be no beer. Who is now on the taste of the come, until 08.08.2015 (23:00h) one or more pallets and make a reservation.