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In The "coal Cellar" And Are Working On A New Album

In The "coal Cellar" And Are Working On A New Album
October 26, 2019

After many brutal Grunzgeschichten the recent past, producer Kristian "Kohle" coal man Lehner probably needed time of relaxation. The matching Vintage Rocker and THE ALLIGATOR WINE have set up in the Studio house, to her next Album there.

The highlight of the Band: there are no guitars. Over the thickness of the bass synth tracks, psychedelic to convince of Moog antics and distorted organ sounds know THE ALLIGATOR WINE instead, with analog Equipment, without the strings. Industry leader, Century Media Records, after the EP "Swamp Arena" (2016) and will distribute to the EP "The Flying Carousel" (January 2019) most probably also the new, yet untitled Album.

Frontman Rob Vitacca (Vocals, organ, Synthesizer) reveals:

"We penetrate deeper into everything we've done in the past. Catchy Grooves, psychedelisc here experiments, more worlds of sound. We have been inspired lately by a strange Krautrock and a lot of crazy Vintage hoarding instruments, in order for our debut album sounds very special and each Song gets the Sound it deserves. You soon ready for the new Sound of the reptile!“

Below you can get a glimpse into the Sound of THE ALLIGATOR WINE. THE ALLIGATOR WINE are:

Thomas Teufel – Drums, Vocals, Percussion
Rob Vitacca – Vocals, Organ, Synthesizer


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