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Indicate With A Trailer For A New Album

Indicate With A Trailer For A New Album
July 01, 2019

The Thrash Metal Band SLAYER has on their YouTube channel a Trailer uploaded to announcing a release for the fall of 2019. You can find the Video at the end of the article.

The Video was uncommented released and shows a man Digging and Burying of a grave. As he at the end of a wooden cross on the grave is, to recognize that the one-eyed protagonist from the music videos for the last Album "Repentless" is.

A distorted voice in the Voice-Over speaks:

"To every story, there is a tragedy.
Life is a book, filled with chapters.
Some tell stories of the good time,
some tell stories of the dark.

To every monster there is a hero.
To every nightmare, we wake up.
To every story, there is a final chapter.

Some monsters can become human.
Other monsters reap for revenge.
This is the end of the monsters."

It is still unclear what exactly is being hinted at, probably, a new, supposedly final, Studio Album from SLAYER appears, however. Also possible is a final Compilation or a Live Album but. Appear the publication is Blast according to the Video in the coming autumn in the case of Nuclear.

SLAYER had in the beginning of 2018 was announcedthat the Band after a recent Tour, will resolve.