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Infos About The Album

August 18, 2015

“Battle of the Breed” is a fresh plate of the Dutch Old-School Death-metal band the body farm, the on 6.November via Cyclone Empire will appear. In addition to the Cover Artwork and the Tracklist, can you also inform what has to say front man and guitarist Thomas Wouters for the new long player:

“We have taken our most versatile and aggressivstes Album! Every Song sounds different and fits perfectly with the Lyrics. From utter brutality to the melancholy...it's all here. Added to this is a very honest Mix, with no triggers or Samples were used and all instruments were played exactly like you hear on the Album...no Studio Tricks! Ronnie Björnström has really done a fantastic Job with the drum recordings and Mixing and Mastering of the album. Well, finally, Martin van Drunen grabbed the icing on the Opener ‘The Dark Age‘!”


1. Bright March (Intro)
2. The Dark Age (featuring Martin Van Drunen)
3. Saxon Victory
4. Dawn Of Defeat
5. The Last Crusade
6. Prince Of Wallachia
7. Storming Revolution
8. Firing Squad
9. Wolfpack
10. Death By Fire
11. Slaves Of war (Bonus track)