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Introduce New Drummer!

March 27, 2016

The würzburg Heavy rockers THE NEW BLACK, with Philip “Flip” Klinger new Drummer:

please welcome our new drummer is welcome: Philip “Flip” Klinger!

After almost ten (ten!) Years free is Chris White the THE NEW BLACK-Drum-throne, to attend to other things in life. Flip tonight will be his first Show with us playing, then it goes to the “A Monster's Tour”.

The exchange happens completely without Drama. We know flipper's been a while, he was even with us as the Drum Tech in the Studio. In addition, he plays for a year in the Fabs’ thrash core band WILD ZOMBIE BLAST GUIDE, and some might know him from the franc-thrash act HATRED. Flip is a super guy and a terrific Drummer, so there was no foreplay and no test round. All is well.

Chris was since day One at the Start, to him our great thanks for his Groove is, for all of the Drum Tracks for the new album in less than two days to record, and the, well, special moments: “Whose pants am I supposed to now?” We are proud of what we have together on the legs, on four cool plates on a lot of fat Shows and a lot of fun. At all: to play Since 2007, with the same people, is already a performance, or? We wish Chris from the bottom of my black heart everything is Good!

So you can be sure of: The Monster roars more!”