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Iranian Band Because Of Blasphemy And Other Allegations Arrested

February 11, 2016

For us in the Western world, hard to imagine, but in other countries it is considered a crime to play Heavy Metal. Reason for this is that the music is considered blasphemous. For the first time, we were confronted a few years ago, when we were asked, the Interview with a Band from the Middle East offline because they feared for their lives – we were caught off guard and worried.

Now it has caught up with CONFESS from Iran, a Band that just makes music. Art, which is certainly against the Religion, so some of the song suggest, at least in the title, also against the government and form of state – clearly, for us, is completely normal and absolutely everyday provocative dimensions. As song titles such as “I Am Your God,” for to us a habit, we don't have further thoughts.

Different in Iran, where the two musicians with serious accusations, which, according to the colleagues of the metal and ceramic injection mold may be summarized as follows:

– Blasphemy
– Aufbegeheren against the government or the System.
– The operation of an illegal tape and illegal Labels.
– Writing anti-religious lyrics.
Interview with Iran verbotenenen, foreign radio stations

The authorities should already have all your personal Online Accounts seized, including the Email addresses and Facebook Account.

The two arrested, the musician, 23, and 21 years old, threatening imprisonment of six months to six years. You should be blasphemy found guilty, they could be in the worst case, even sentenced to death.

The Band was sitting since last November in prison, and since then has been 5. February 2016 on bail. A payment of the equivalent of US $ 30,000 was needed

We are absolutely speechless and had a look at the Hashtags #free confess, the metal injection into the life called. A lot more we can Stand today probably do not.