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Is Committed To The Homeless

Is Committed To The Homeless
November 28, 2019

On 07. December 2019, to be held "The World's Big Sleep Out" in the "Pit" of the Wacken Open Air – a Charity action on the Plight of the homeless and of homeless people to make us aware of. People meet at over 50 locations around the world, to sleep a night in the open air and to collect donations.

"The World's Big Sleep Out" in 2019 performances

In addition to the performances of Mutz (including the DRONE), and Tex Brasket as the Radio-BOB!-Band place to be. Out of the cradle, the Band of Jens Ludwig (EDGUY), Oliver Hartmann (AVANTASIA, HARTMANN), Dennis Schunke (VAN CANTO), Patrick Sühl (GUN BARREL), Dennis Hormes (BOBBY KIMBALL, THE BOSS HOSS), Thomas Nack (GAMMA RAY), Alexx Stahl (BONFIRE), Daniel Galmarini, Andreas Thum, and Dirk Brand (AXXIS), was lifted. With the party at "The World's Big Sleep Out" will be:

Alexx Stahl – Vox (BONFIRE) Jens Ludwig – Guitar (EDGUY) Martin Achtelik – Guitar (MARK, JEANETTE BIEDERMANN) Daniel Galmarini – Piano Martin Gunkel (DJ ÖTZI) Hans Ziller (BONFIRE)

Be celebrated including Rock classics from AC/DC, JOURNEY, U2, or BON JOVI, this evening's ide Songs but in acoustic guise.

"The World's Big Sleep Out" of 2019 interview rounds & organizations

In addition to roundtables on the topic of homelessness, including Jo Tein (Chairman of the Board & co-founder of the Hempels), Tex Brasket and Dr. Johannes Lenhard, will present to organisations such as the Hempels, angel in the streets and the Barber Angels in order to inform about their work in the area. In addition, you can look forward to the appearance of Barber Angel Dennis of land as a Comedian. By the evening NDR Moderator Michael Frömter will lead.

Up to 300 participants have the opportunity to take part, subject to prior registration to this exclusive Event, to spend the night in own sleeping bag in the so-called "Pit" (the venue of the first Wacken Open Air in 1990), and to collect, in the framework of this project on your social networks to donate. Potential participants may 06 to. December www.bigsleepout.com register. Who would like to attend spontaneously the night, this can do for a donation at the box office.

More information about the event, there will be here.

50% of the collected donations go to projects around the world against homelessness, supported by "The World's Big Sleep Out" and 50% to a local institution – in the case of Wacken in housing projects of the HEMPELS Foundation.

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