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It Takes The Form Of

October 25, 2015

The Mainz night owls, NOCTE OBDUCTA and a new, “resurrection Blues” - titled Album in the forge, and it is taking shape: The drum sounds in addition to a majority of the guitars and Keyboards in the box. The recordings found in the ultrasound-mill to be held in the Band already in their early works such as “black metal” or “gallows of dawn”.

According to announced the Band on their Homepagethat the new Album is a “return to the old Sound [is] that with the sound development of the past years are mixed, the integration of elements from the early days of the Band in 1993, and the familiar [...] environment of the mill, in the [] at the end of the 90s, finally with the regular intake a serious record [started] – it all fits in perfectly with the Work on an Album, which to a large extent with the Band's self-employed”. Thus, the new disc is a very personal Album for the Band.

An exact Release date is not fixed yet, but the Band announce that it is ideally at the end of this year is completed, “the chaos gods want”.