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Jersey Sponsor For FC Carl Zeiss Jena,

April 30, 2015

The Thuringia-born HEAVEN SHALL BURN will be from now on on the Jersey of the football regional division club FC Carl Zeiss Jena as a Sponsor present.

Guitarist Maik Weichert comments: “For us, we are supporters of great Zeiss Fans, and Football, with this action, is a dream come true. We are in the first line the message “support your local team”. Everyone who supports the club in front of his front door, are worthy of our respect. We're not about to show the Big middle finger. It is not about to forget the Small and their significance for the respective city, Region, and society. We are Jena Fans, and now you have the Chance, as a musician, the were surprised by their own success to some extent, give a little something back. And we do this gladly, and call to follow this example. Support – whether as a Fan or Sponsor the club in front of Your doorstep. This is important.”

The overall Statement is on the Homepage of the Association read. How long the Band has been supporting the club as a Sponsor is still open – but that the jerseys also as band merchandise is actually in doubt.