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Johan Edlund Announced The Resurrection Of The Band

June 22, 2015

After Johan Edlund had announced last year its goodbye to TIAMAT, seemed to be the Band to be at the end. But now the band announced via Facebook his return. But we let him come to prefer the word:

“Friends. Last year, in a Moment of doubt, "I said," I would leave TIAMAT. My father had just died, and I took this opportunity to Drink to start. To drink was more important than to grieve.

My heart stopped in the last year, six Times and... I'm not even happy to be alive. I went through all the abysses of the hell, you never know.

But what matters... is that there is in all of this... REAL friends, the type a restraint.

In a Moment of doubt, I had decided to leave the Band. I had a seizure and had just been due to delirium, and a stroke to the hospital.

For my good old friend Borivoj and “Blabbermouth” was the News, as well as for all the others, of course.

I hope that you, dear friends, will you help us to spread the news of TIAMAT. Yes, we are back and Yes, we are working on a new Album. This is not a Gossip-News, that's why I write it here on Facebook.