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John Haughm After An Anti-Semitic Comment To Be In An Offside Position

John Haughm After An Anti-Semitic Comment To Be In An Offside Position
March 01, 2019

John Haughm, formerly AGALLOCH and currently PILLORIAN, is abandoned by all good spirits. And his PILLORIAN colleagues.
Reason, an anti-Semitic comment Haughms. The musician testifies to the recently deceased actor Bruno Ganz online for the incarnation of Adolf Hitler in "downfall," his respect.

In a later comment, Haughm adds, however:

"I'm glad 'Jewbook' – later he formulates it in the 'Jew book' – my Post is not deleted, as I it from other All-tributes've heard".

PILLORIAN guitarist Stephen Parker then leaves the Band and founded on his personal Facebook page:

"In light of recent events, it is the Best for me to go in a different direction – personally, professionally and creatively. The views of other musicians with whom I may have worked together are not my own. I don't take racist comments lightly. [...]“

Drummer Trevor Matthews, in turn, changes its Status on your own Facebook page in the "former drummer at PILLORIAN".

And the gentlemen of KHORADA, Haughms former colleagues at AGALLOCH, sign up to word. Jason Walton Aesop Dekker Don Anderson will take over the side of the Latter as follows:

"We [...] are deeply disappointed to learn that our former band-mate John Haughm has made an anti-Semitic comment on Facebook. We condemn him chosen, and want to make it clear that none of us shares his reprehensible views. We had during the last three years since the Split, no contact to him [...]. We're not friends. And most importantly: He's NOT AGALLOCH. [...]“

Another comment from Aesop Dekker to the Timeline of Haughm remains here untranslated, and (for the moment) the final word:

"When you can't really settle on the best way to be a tiny edge Lord."


Haughm has positioned itself in the meantime through Facebook apologetically. In addition to the reference to a very positive tour experience with AGALLOCH in Israel, he States, inter alia:

"It seems so, that I every few years the public something monumentally Stupid to say. In this case, I want to apologize in the Form [ ... ]. That was at least insensitive, childish, reprehensible, and, not least, thoughtless. My caustic sarcasm was only directed to Facebook's censorship, NOT in any way to the Jewish community. [...] For now, I'm going to pull me out of the music business and social media. [...]“

The entire Statement in the Original is on Facebook .

It is each and everyone's own sense of it do.